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“A catalyst for artistic expression”, MOOZA’s first slogan. Thought to be a high-end furnishings and home accessories brand, has created a collection of curated items, made from high-quality materials like marble, solid wood and stainless steel. Such knowledge for matters and design comes from its founder ZAGAS Group, founded in 1948, and awarded many times for its elegant items. Located in an industrial region in the north of Portugal, well-known for its expertise in furniture manufacturing, MOOZA had found every foundation to make its big launch, and, now, re-design.

“We had the elegance from ZAGAS, but wanted to create something that felt more artistic and collectable. That’s how MOOZA was first born”

Well inserted in the Interior Design industry, our Product Designers and Creative Directors thought from the beginning that exquisite and natural materials would represent the soul of every object. “We are fortunate to be located in one of the richest areas of Portugal, when it comes to these kinds of materials. We never thought of another choice but to source regionally”, so they said. Solid wood, marble, stainless steel and glass contributed to an initial collection of more than 20 products.

Natura Dining Table

Social responsibility and sustainability is one of MOOZA’s main concerns. The design and furniture manufacturing industry is under constant scrutiny for polluting processes and procedures that are hard to manoeuvre. However, we guide our actions and strategies towards a road of sustainable growth and constant improvement. It is important to know that our materials have higher quality and are responsibly acquired from natural resources. Moreover, MOOZA’s concerns go beyond its sources. Our workshops are under constant supervision and modernization in order to guarantee a safe production process and the correct use of machinery. We respect artisanal techniques and ensure these processes are conserved and honoured during the entire production. 


It is clear now that MOOZA aims to create durable items, not only in its construction, but in its design. “Even though we created an artistic collection, it is also timeless. We really wanted these collectable objects to jump from generation to generation”, said our Creative Designer. Timeless design has a continuous aesthetic power, formed from its core to be ageless. Rounded shapes, simple lines, natural materials and discreet drawings are the foundation, then paired with exceptional details. 

MOOZA wasn’t meant to be commercial, but attending a specific style, and, therefore, a specific taste and clientele. Reviving our slogan “A catalyst for artistic expression”, we aim for our pieces to inspire a different approach to interior design. MOOZA wants to be “the” piece, “the” breath taker, “the” differentiator. And so, every piece has a sequential number engraved in itself. A physical proof of its exclusivity. 

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