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Layered lighting involves combining various sources of light to create a well-balanced and visually appealing environment. Task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting are all important components of this approach, and table lamps and pendants are valuable tools in achieving this balance. They work together with other lighting fixtures such as sconces, recessed lights, and floor lamps to provide depth and dimension to a room, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Explore MOOZA’s curated selection of lighting fixtures. From Table Lamps to Pendants, create an environment where you’re comfortable and feel at peace. Our lighting pieces are made in Portugal, mixing craftsmanship techniques with innovative and highly technological processes. Using only high-end materials, MOOZA has achieves a unique collection to please the ones with exquisite taste.


Cosmopolitan Midnight spherical structure transforms what could be an ordinary table lamp into a fun, personality full, lighting piece. Highlighted by its high-end materials, builds a comfortable atmosphere and adds a decorative element. Perfect for contemporary, city interiors.



The archetype of modern lighting. Innovative, adaptable and performative. With a removable opal glass globe light and a practical on/off switch, its curves make it a true work of art that will effortlessly enhance any interior decor style. Don’t settle for boring lighting – upgrade to the Full Moon Ride table lamp and elevate your space to a whole new level of sophistication and style! 



Standing Steel, an objet d’art. Meticulously crafted from polished nickel, this pendant is a symphony of shapes, capturing the essence of industrial chic. Each element has been carefully considered and crafted, resulting in a complex and captivating design that is truly one-of-a-kind.



A masterpiece of geometric artistry and a dazzling source of illuminating bliss. Crafted with meticulous precision and filled with an otherworldly aura, the Full Moon Ride pendant is a stunning tribute to the captivating shapes of cosmos. A gentle glow diffused by opal glass casts a spell of warmth and wonder.


5 Switzerland Based Interior Design Studios to Follow

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The interior design industry in Switzerland exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovation, precision, and a deep appreciation for aesthetic elegance. Renowned for its impeccable attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, the Swiss interior design sector stands as a testament to the nation’s commitment to excellence. Drawing inspiration from the stunning natural landscapes that Switzerland is known for, interior designers in the country often emphasize clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. The Swiss design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that seamlessly integrate form and function, resulting in environments that are not only visually appealing but also highly practical.

Switzerland’s interior design industry is characterized by a diverse range of influences, reflecting the country’s multicultural population. Traditional Swiss elements, such as the use of high-quality wood and the incorporation of Alpine motifs, often intertwine with modern design trends, resulting in spaces that exude both warmth and contemporary style. In major cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, interior design showrooms and exhibitions showcase the latest innovations in furniture, lighting, and decor. Swiss designers are recognized for their ability to transform spaces into works of art, whether it’s a cozy chalet in the mountains, a chic urban apartment, or a sophisticated office environment.

Sustainability is also central to Switzerland’s interior design ethos. Many designers prioritize eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions, aligning with the country’s commitment to environmental preservation. Such values and creative approach to design are also shared by MOOZA. A constant search for innovative design forms and consciousness about our environmental footprint aligns our brand with a number of Swiss-based interior design studios. 

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Specializing primarily in residential interiors, Dôme Project Interiors adeptly fulfills a diverse array of interior design requests, spanning private residences, chalets, yachts, and commercial spaces. Meticulous attention to detail is ingrained in every facet of the project, from initial conceptualization through to final execution. Dôme Project Interiors’ commitment to excellence is perpetuated by its exceptional creative team, comprising accomplished interior architects. This harmonious blend of expertise ensures a seamless journey from vision to reality, resulting in spaces that transcend expectations.

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M-Studio Reiter is a premium interior design studio, offering comprehensive support to transform an envisioned living space into reality. Their approach centers on understanding the client—the key to crafting a truly personalized living environment. Beyond planning, M-Studio Reiter embodies interior design as a blend of creativity and comprehension, resulting in spaces that redefine the sense of comfort and well-being.

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Established in 2004 by interior designer Stephanie Kasel, Stephanie Kasel Interiors is a prominent interior design firm based in Switzerland. Notably, the firm secured the Interior Design Private Residence award for The Attic project at the esteemed “European Property Awards” 2017 – 2018. Over the past decade, Stephanie Kasel Interiors has cultivated strong collaborations with architects, engineers, and craftsmen both locally and internationally, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services for a diverse range of projects.

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Upscale is dedicated to ushering interior design into the 21st century by revolutionizing the market through cutting-edge technology. Their vision is to bridge the digital realm with interior design, linking a portfolio of digital-first designers with clients seeking to enrich their living spaces and enhance their well-being. Through a comprehensive turn-key solution, they streamline the interior design and furnishing process, allowing clients to effortlessly select design options from the convenience of their homes.

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Location: Dorfhus Gupf AG

Established in the early 2000s in Switzerland, Carbone Interior Design stands as a prominent design studio renowned for its premium interior developments and immersive 360º experiences. The studio boasts profound proficiency across a spectrum that encompasses luxury residential spaces, commercial ventures, and hospitality projects. Their design ethos emphasizes a seamless design language and unwavering devotion to intricacies, resulting in bespoke solutions that harmonize with the unique visions and requirements of each client.

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Owned by: Upscale

Location: Neuheim, Switzerland


Crafting Your Vision: The Power of Customization

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In the world of furniture, the true essence of a living space lies in its individuality and character. Your home deserves to reflect your unique style and personality, and that’s precisely what we at MOOZA have dedicated ourselves to achieving. Our commitment to innovation and personalization sets us apart, as we empower you to design every corner of your living space with our customizable furniture pieces.

What sets our brand apart is our unwavering belief that every home is distinct, and so should be the furniture within it. Our in-house production and design team form the heart of this ideology. This team is not just a group of skilled artisans, but visionaries who understand the value of customization.

One of the cornerstones of our commitment to personalization is the diverse range of materials at your disposal. We understand that furniture isn’t just about function; it’s about creating an atmosphere that resonates with you. Our array of materials – from rich woods to industrial metals, supple leather to avant-garde marbles – ensures that every piece not only fits seamlessly into your decor but becomes an integral part of your space’s narrative.

We understand that making design decisions can be challenging, especially when it comes to larger furniture pieces. To ease your creative journey, we introduce our Sample Box – a curated collection of material swatches that you can physically experience. Touch, feel, and visualize how different materials will complement your space before making a choice. This tangible experience empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring that your furniture resonates with your style in every sense.

At MOOZA, customization is a philosophy that defines our brand. We are not merely selling furniture; but crafting experiences that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. With our dedicated production and design team, a plethora of materials, and the Sample Box to guide you, your dream furniture piece is just a step away from becoming a reality.


Marble’s Contemporary Symbolism

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Marble possesses a tapestry of qualities that make it a sought-after choice for the creation of exquisite furniture pieces. Renowned for its remarkable durability and longevity, marble’s innate resilience ensures that the elegance it bestows upon furniture endures through the ages. Each piece of marble carries a unique narrative, as the intricate veining and patterns etched across its surface tell tales of its history.

The tactile allure of marble cannot be overstated. Its cool, smooth surface beckons the touch, evoking a sense of both grandeur and tranquility. This sensory experience adds another layer of engagement to furniture pieces, encouraging individuals to interact with the very essence of luxury.

The exclusivity of marble lies not only in its aesthetic allure but also in the intricate craftsmanship required to transform raw slabs into functional and artistic furniture. The meticulous process of extraction, shaping, and polishing showcases the dedication of artisans who bring out the true essence of marble’s beauty, making each piece a testament to human skill and dedication.

Marble owes its luxurious reputation not only to its aesthetic qualities but also to its unique properties. Its innate color variations, ranging from the classic whites to dramatic blacks and the enchanting hues in between, allow for a spectrum of design possibilities. The interplay of light and shadow on marble’s polished surface adds depth and dimension to furniture pieces, ensuring they become focal points in any setting.

The natural cooling properties of marble make it an ideal choice for functional furniture, such as tabletops. This inherent ability to remain cool to the touch adds a layer of comfort and practicality, enhancing the functionality of furniture beyond mere aesthetics. Furthermore, its resistance to heat and moisture makes it a durable choice, ensuring that the investment in marble furniture endures the rigors of daily life.

In the world of furniture design, the allure of marble remains eternally relevant. Its qualities of durability, aesthetic magnificence, and timeless appeal position it as a material that bridges the gap between history and modernity. Marble’s natural properties and the skilled artistry that shapes it into furniture transform living spaces into true sanctuaries of refinement and luxury.