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Level 1, Booth 1406

ICFF is going at full steam, and we have approached the last day with remarkable feedback from our visitors. A memorable design experience, with performative pieces and a sensory collection built from luxurious materials. A differentiating color palette mirrors the brand’s creative thinking, merging intricate shapes with geometric and mainly round edges. MOOZA’s Booth is lightened by a diffuse luminescence coming from its lighting collection, inspired by modern luxury and contemporary living. 

Indulge in an unlimited source of singular furnishings and home objects. 

Respect for organic and luxury materials 

MOOZA’s Booth is a celebration of materials, which shine from a deep understanding of modern and contemporary luxury design approaches. The Moonlight Woods Sideboard has stolen the attention of our visitors, along with the magnitude of the Daydream Bookcase, transporting our clients to a place of comfort and realm. The Stitch in Time Modular Sofa features intricate hand-stitching, a symbol of the brand’s quality and attention to detail. 

The colors from Crossing Paths Rug have attracted the attention of the attendees, who do not shy away from experiencing MOOZA’s cinema-inspired Booth. Points of smooth light create a comfortable atmosphere and simultaneously highlight the natural patterns and variations of the surrounding materials. We’ve created a breathable, livable, and performative booth, built for ICFF’s attendees to experience. 

A contemporary approach to luxury design

The Natura Sideboard is the epitome of modern luxury and yet another showstopper at ICFF. A tribute to nature from its first draws, the base resembles small plant sprouts and its immensity hasn’t been ignored. MOOZA’s items have attracted attention for their composition and the luxurious materials that flow through the full collection. Our Swatch Box includes desirable Marbles, like Travertine and Calacatta, or Solid Wood in Oak and Walnut, and a curated selection of Fabrics and Leathers. A Box of indulging textures and prominent colors. 

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