Ethical Work &
Lasting Materials

Ethical Work & Lasting Materials

Our collection is intended to be passed down through generations and to withstand the test of time. Social responsibility and high-design are important components of this process, and we are delighted to share our techniques manufacturing processes.

MOOZA is located in an industrial region in Nort of Portugal, well-known for its furniture manufacturing expertise and craftsmanship. We honor a commitment to contribute its population by employing local professionals and sourcing from local suppliers. Our expert engineers challenge standard production procedures in order to create beautiful designs, in a responsible fashion.

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Our Sustainability Journey

The design and furniture manufacturing industry is under constant scrutiny for polluting processes and procedures that are hard to manoeuvre. However, MOOZA guides its actions and strategies towards a road of sustainable growth and constant improvement. It is important to know that our materials have higher quality and are responsibly acquired from natural resources. MOOZA aims to be a one-time purchase, designing pieces to be passed down through generations in prestige condition.

Core Ethics

One crucial stage of product design is selecting and sourcing quality materials. We continuously choose regional suppliers in order to support and develop the surrounding community.

MOOZA’s pieces are built from solid wood and wood veneer. Our certified wood suppliers do a responsible forest management and guarantee its sustainability.

We ensure our suppliers are in compliance with the PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes – and the FSC – Forest Stewardship Council.

MOOZA’s factory and office’s energy is mainly supplied by solar panels.

MOOZA’s workshops are on constant supervision and modernization in order to guarentee a safe production process and the correct use of machinery.

We respect artisanal techniques and ensure these processes are conserved and honored during the entire production.

MOOZA’s products are meant to be lived in and experimented. Our materials are highly durable and endure for long full years.

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