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The living room is a core space in most homes and its function has shifted, as our lifestyles are ever more social and focused on our comfort and the comfort of our guests. To achieve a final design that is adapted to the ones who live in it, there is a necessary process of choosing a curated selection of pieces. From seating, to storage and lighting, MOOZA is proud to introduce a wide enough collection that allows our customers to find it all in one place.


As our living spaces continue to blur the boundaries between work and play, the modular sofa emerges as a preferred choice for those seeking a balance between comfort and functionality. Stitch in Time is fashioned from natural leather and adorned with golden stainless steel details. A true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. The intricate hand stitching that characterizes this chair is a testament to the skill of its creators, resulting in a finished product that exudes elegance and sophistication. A flawless square pattern is meticulously sewn, under an unmatched attention to detail.


The Slice Side and Coffee Tables were born from the idea of creating a luxurious design that would highlight our high-end materials, and that would serve a very clear function for our clients. Behold the immaculate allure of the SLICE Side Tables Trio. Indulge in the bespoke craftsmanship of wood construction, accentuated by the glistening finesse of stainless steel detailing. With a unique aura of exclusivity and opulence, this is the pinnacle of luxury living.
At its core, the SLICE Coffee Table is a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture, capable of serving a wide variety of purposes. It can be used as a platform for showcasing decorative items, providing a home for a cherished heirloom.


Lighting plays a key role in Interior Design, whether natural, or artificial. Soft illumination points throughout the living room can help create an ethereal atmosphere through creative lighting fixtures. MOOZA’s Cosmopolitan Midnight Table Lamps vary in materials, but never in style. The Opal Glass mirrors the brand’s deep knowledge in materials as it is a great light diffuser without creating harsh or unpleasant illumination. The Cosmopolitan Midnight spherical structure transforms what could be an ordinary table lamp into a fun, personality full, lighting piece.


An area rug not only adds warmth and comfort underfoot but also defines the seating area and ties the room together. With its captivating fusion of shapes, textures, and colors, CROSSING PATHS offers a creative interpretation of life’s journey. Each footstep on the New Zealand wool surface reveals a testament to the rug’s whimsical charm, celebrating the spontaneity and joy that comes from exploring the unknown. Crafted with a hand-tufting technique, its depth cannot be replicated by any other method.