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The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF 2023) has come to an end. MOOZA’s international debut was a success by the side of our visitors. As attendees approached our Booth, a melange of resplendent colours assailed the senses, akin to an ethereal painting come to life. Vivid hues danced in harmony with the Stitch in Time Modular Sofa and the popping touches of purple from our collaboration with Manulena. Intricate textures, luxurious materials, and the porous texture of the travertine marble were present all around our Stand for three days of contemporary and inspirational design.

Showcasing MOOZA’s intricate joinery and unparalleled woodwork skills were the Natura Dining Table and the Walk in the Park Dining Chair. This Dining Set of exquisite craftsmanship and refined aesthetics commanded attention, inviting admirers to embark upon a sensory journey into the realm of unique joinery. At the base of this opulent tableau is an ode to the artisan’s virtuosity. A combination of noble materials created a soulful statement within meticulously carved motifs, showcasing the sublime fusion of vision and skill. Modest lines and rounded edges are clean for the eye and exude a soothing atmosphere—true jewels of contemporary design. 

With audacious strokes of creativity, the MOOZA’s Lighting Collection shattered conventions, redefining the very essence of contemporary lighting design. Each luminary, a symphony of form and function, transcended the mundane, embodying a narrative of boundless imagination and unrestrained expression.

Materials, too, danced to the tune of daring experimentation, embracing the unconventional with open arms. Opal glass caught and refracted illumination in captivating ways. Metal, with its unyielding resilience, bent and twisted into mesmerizing shapes, encapsulating the very essence of contemporary industrial allure.

The Crossing Paths Rug brought life to a veritable cornucopia of artistry—a captivating corner bewitched the discerning eye of ICFF’s attendees. Its captivating fusion of shapes, textures, and colours offered a creative interpretation of everything MOOZA’s Booth represented. Each footstep on the New Zealand wool surface was a testament to the rug’s whimsical charm, paired with the vibrancy from the Stitch in Time Modular Sofa’s green natural leather. Its majestic presence resonated with our commitment to celebrating such organic matters.

The front stage of MOOZA’s Booth was at the Natura Sideboard. A piece with a grandiose presence and a blend of various luxurious materials. The Sideboard stood as a tribute to the marriage of materials, where marble, wood, and stainless steel coalesced in a symphony of tactile opulence. The marriage of form and function was executed with precision, allowing the design to transcend the realms of utility, becoming a sculptural masterpiece that whispered tales of sophistication and refined living.

Two panels welcomed our visitors, displaying the brand’s values and aspirations, along with our Sample Box. The attention to detail follows every action we take, with a profound will to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Explore MOOZA’s curated selection of furnishings and collectible objects here.