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Luxury, ultimately, is about desirability and exclusivity. Indulges that spruce everyday life and turn out to be indispensable to the lifestyle one aims to create. Luxury does not play by the rules, as it has its own life, and its own interpretation of what a space should look like, how it should feel and it should be lived. The modern edge arrives with architectural details, breathable lines and an ultimate commitment with comfort and wearability. 

MOOZA’s furnishings are collectable objects were firstly designed with exclusivity and eccentricity in mind. A conversation-starter adaptable to multiple styles and exquisite tastes. The beauty of modern luxury through MOOZA’s interpretation lies in its materials and the high level of craftsmanship and technological techniques utilized in the entire production process. Marble, solid wood and stainless steel—sometimes with worn, but not aged, finishes—contribute to unparalleled furnishings and home items. “I think of Modern Luxury as a high-end version of everyday life. We want comfort and functionality. The materials and design details are what really differentiate a product”, says MOOZA’s Creative Director. 

In MOOZA’s “Walk in the Park” Dining Chair relies on two sides of the same coin. A simple designed piece of furniture, but incredibly challenging to put together. Modest lines and rounded edges are clean for the eye and exude a soothing atmosphere—a true jewel of Modern Luxury design. An open design allows air to flow between the upholstered back and contribute to a lighter and mindful design. 

Wood Detailed Dining Chair

A modern, tailored aesthetic accentuated with geometric design and luxurious materials, topped with artisan finishes and natural patterns. A chic, minimalistic design shown above introduces a new level of refinement, architectural design and sophistication. The “Monarch” Bed, “Smooth Talker” Nightstand and “Standing Steel” Pendant mastered the art of creating a timeless bedroom space that will not only last through the pass of time, but can also be customizable to the natural changes a home goes through.

Solid Wood Bed, Steel Pendant and Marble Nightstand

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