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Expect an exhibition of contemporary furnishings and collectible home objects to create elegant, intimate spaces filled with personality and intricate textures at ICFF 2023. By revisiting modernism, SS23 Collection includes immaculate attention to detail, solid wood designs, lighting fixtures, and attention-stealing home accessories. In order to contribute to exceptional interiors, MOOZA brings a curated selection of inimitable character. 

Multiple shapes flow through a Booth with a cinematic ambiance. Circular shapes and mainly softened edges create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, spacious enough to feel and embrace the textures from luxurious fabrics and contemporary materials. A fair and truthful representation of what one can expect from MOOZA: luxury materials, immersive shapes, and a playful color approach. A reminiscent portrayal of contemporaneity, through a conscious and ever-more sustainable production process.

We create purposeful and collectible furnishings that are a testament to Portuguese craftsmanship. An incentive to a conscious purchase and a daily hurdle to overcome unsustainable processes. Outside our four walls, there is a world of rarities and unique hues that must be cherished, and appropriately appreciated. The use of organic materials embodies our commitment to environmental preservation. We search for suppliers that act according to our criteria and share our concerns. The gift of something handmade is the respect for a slow and intricate journey. An age overpowered by mass production and automated systems cannot be disconnected from the ones that brought us here. Our future is built from our past. And MOOZA’s connection to craftsmanship is a celebration of cultural heritage and a reminder of the boundless creativity and innovation that lies within us all.