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Part of any interior design project is ensuring that you have quality lighting available. Lighting can be quite technical, but yet it is a wonderful medium to work with. It requires knowledge since you need to choose the right products for the job at hand. The best lighting design will enhance the environment and complement your decor.



Giving expression to the creativity of classic Portuguese materials and techniques, MOOZA’s craftsmen produce lighting pieces that don’t neglect contemporary design trends. Combining the quality of raw materials with the knowledge of the artisans and our know-how, we manufacture items which are timeless not only in design but in value. 

The designs reflect luxury, a fusion between timelessness and new trends, ensuring a beautifully handcrafted lighting design. These creations are synonymous of harmony between handmade and industrial production, bringing to the functional product, an object of artistic fruition. The Beyond Seasons lighting pieces, play with shapes and the contrast of volumes, highlighting versatility and the difference between materials.