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Wood carving is one of the most ancient arts in Human History, it exists since the first men in prehistory, and it is considered the fundamental woodwork method. Carved designs appear in furniture design, in the building components of our homes and places of worship, in the household items we use daily and as mesmerizing and beautiful decorative sculptures. Discover how MOOZA honors Walnut wood through its furniture designs.

MOOZA’s Amber Collection’s furniture designs are connected to handcrafted woodworking, using one of the most majestic woods Nature has to offer: walnut wood. For some master artisans, walnut wood is an irreplaceable material that allows them to express their thoughts and imagination like no other. They need to have a deep connection and knowledge about wood to be able to bring to life the best possible art pieces using it.

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Wood carving is a slow and hard activity that starts by using large cutting tools and ends with small blades. It is always a dedicated and detailed process that involves a lot of passion. The finest walnut furniture designs come from the hands of the best master artisans that have not only the talent and skill, but also the extent of know-how, of one of the most interesting materials ever used in art.