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The hand-tufting is one of the most flexible techniques – it allows the creation of any pattern, almost as if it was a painting. This versatility makes hand-tufted rugs a premium solution for both residential and commercial projects. Whether it is a family home, a high-end store, or a hotel lobby, a hand-tufted rugs are the perfect solution for all purposes.
The process begins when a weaver makes a backing with a design. A textile worker or weaver uses the tufting gun to inject yarn or cotton into it. When all the yarn or other material has been injected into the pattern, another piece, called a scrim, is placed on the rug with latex glue to keep fibers intact. The weaver then shears the carpet loops, so the rug becomes flat and suitable for foot traffic. The edges of some hand-tufted rugs are bound to make them stronger. The yarn is then cut and shaved to ensure equal height. In the case of rugs with different height volumes, the surfaces are cut by hand with special angled scissors. This technique allows the skilled artisans to create curved patterns and pile of different heights and densities.

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For the creation of Beyond Season’s Crossing Paths Rug, MOOZA partnered with the handcrafted Tapetes Beiriz Factory, in Portugal, that has been producing wool rugs for over a hundred years. Wool is our raw material of choice. A material with high quality and durability, soft to the touch and that can be used in various techniques and with different types of finishing.