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Craftsmanship & Design Mastery

Luxury interior design
MOOZA is born from ZAGAS Group, founded in 1948. From inherited years of experience, creates a collection of timeless furnishings and collectible objects. By blending traditional manufacturing techniques with state-of-the-art technology, MOOZA produces an unparalleled selection of curated furniture. A catalyst for artistic expression in interior design.
MOOZA celebrates indulgent materials such as marble, stainless steel and solid wood through artisanal production processes that have accompanied the brand for more than 70 years. The essence of craftsmanship lies in the attention to detail, the passion, and skill of the craftsman and a deep understanding of the matters being used. Craftsmanship is an art form that requires a mastery of joinery techniques and a passion for creating aesthetic and functional pieces. The items produced are thought upon functionality, allure and enduring beauty. MOOZA's timeless design refer to a style that transcends trends, remaining relevant and appealing for years.
Luxury interior design


Our Product Designers thought of every item to be a statement and a conversation starter. Each piece has a sequential number that assures exclusivity and customization.

MOOZA is committed to sustainably producing its pieces through ethically gathered materials, a safe production process for its employees and a factory mainly powered by solar panels.