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Spanish Interior Design (ID) is a manifestation of a captivating blend of cultural heritage and contemporary finesse, exquisitely harmonizing diverse artistic epochs. Rooted in a rich historical tapestry spanning centuries of architectural evolution, it infuses distinctive regional identities with opulent motifs and transcendent craftsmanship. MOOZA, as “A catalyst for artistic expression” has been watching closely the most creative Spanish ID and is now narrowing it down to only five.

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Photo: @sandrarojo

Beyond conventional design practices, Alex March Studio strives to imbue its spaces with profound meaning and significance, a true reflection of mindful awareness and intentionality. Internal values manifest themselves and find external embodiment, generating spaces that pulsate with life and purpose.

What truly sets Alex March Studio apart is its ability to bestow each space with a distinct soul, eliciting a captivating narrative that transcends the surface and reveals the very essence of the place. Every project bears an unmistakable and personal signature, evoking a sense of uniqueness that resonates deeply with the client’s individuality.

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Styling: @amayadetoledo

As minimalism interplay with a rare aptitude for the use of geometric objects, naturalistic materials, art déco inspirations and a fun attitude towards Interior Design, Casa Josephine can be defined as the fusion between design and cultural inheritance. With an impressive portfolio encompassing residential and commercial projects, Casa Josephine Studio exemplifies an unwavering commitment to harmoniously blending contemporary design concepts with timeless traditions.

Their symbiotic collaboration as a cohesive team fosters meticulous attention to detail in every project they undertake, fusing design brilliance with profound cultural heritage. Each project becomes a living testament to their artistic finesse and the seamless interplay between modern aesthetics and enduring legacy.

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Place: @restaurantgina

At the heart of Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín’s designs lies an unrivalled fusion of personality and adaptability, consistently pushing the boundaries of creative expression through an ever-evolving repertoire of materials, textures, colors, and geometries. Their expertise in meticulously analyzing each space allows them to devise the most suitable floor plan configuration, forging a harmonious union of beauty and functionality.

The essence of Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín’s interior design ethos lies in crafting spaces that exude a sophisticated amalgamation of contemporary elements and timeless classics, all while cultivating an atmosphere of allure and functionality that captivates the senses and enriches the human experience.

Via Instagram: @isernserra
Photo: @enricbadrinas

Embracing a collaborative approach with diverse creative minds, Isern Serra delves into multifaceted ventures encompassing architecture, interior, and industrial design. Acknowledging the profound impact of varied perspectives, scales, and cultural backgrounds, they ardently believe that such diversity invariably enhances the ultimate outcome of each endeavor.

This designer’s versatility knows no bounds, as he adeptly navigates projects spanning the vast spectrum of exhibition spaces, offices, stores, and restaurants. An embodiment of simplicity and integrity, this visionary approaches each undertaking with an unwavering commitment to infusing projects with their distinct identities, harnessing the transformative power of light to endow spaces with unparalleled character and charm.

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Place: @martaslemonpie

ILV+Asociados’ very essence is defined by the profound responsibility of unveiling the very soul of each project, masterfully harmonizing colors and forms into an all-encompassing symphony of design brilliance. A sharp and versatile approach underpins their endeavors, driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence and an unyielding focus on quality, intricate detailing, and long-lasting durability.

ILV+Asociados places paramount importance on fostering collaborative partnerships, ceaselessly striving to craft projects that exceed expectations, igniting astonishment and triumph. Their unrivaled expertise unlocks the transformative power to metamorphose mere houses into cherished homes and commercial properties into thriving, prosperous ventures.

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Owned by: Isern Serra

Shot by: Salva López

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