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Chair designs, modular sofas, and armchairs offer an array of limitless design choices that can profoundly transform an interior design space. These furnishings serve as essential elements in crafting the ambiance and functionality of any room. With a diverse spectrum of styles, materials, and configurations, they cater to various tastes and preferences. 

Whether opting for sleek, modern lines or embracing classic, timeless aesthetics, these seating options enable interior designers and homeowners to curate spaces that reflect their unique personality and vision. The versatility of modular sofas allows for dynamic arrangements, while armchairs provide cozy nooks for relaxation. In essence, the carefully selected design and placement of these pieces can elevate the aesthetics and comfort of a room, making them integral components of interior design.


Beauty is truly in the simplest things, the ones that spark joy effortlessly, like “a walk in the park”: the inspiration for this clean and elegant dining chair. This piece is the perfect combination of tradition and contemporary style. Featuring a solid wood structure and arms, this chair provides long-lasting durability. Walk In The Park features a wide back, separated from the upholstered seat. This dining chair can be used in both formal and informal settings, giving it a chic feel, perfect for an intimate space or a modern dining setting.


The Stitch In Time modular sofa aims to bring that same philosophy to life, with high-quality long-lasting materials, used to convey minimal luxury that will endure a lifetime of use. A classic and exquisite item with stitching that demonstrates the range of the brand’s manufacturing expertise and its exceptional capacity to create even the most sculptural chairs incredibly comfortable. This sophisticated modular sofa is upholstered in sustainable leather and sculpted with intricate stitching, making it incredibly cozy and enveloping.