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Interior Designers (ID) have the skill to incorporate rigorous aesthetics and functionality through an endless repertoire of furniture brands. An ID will help a customer envision a space, considering his requirements and introducing creative solutions. MOOZA has the ability to customize every product in its collection and meet the unique ideas an ID may present to us. 

MOOZA benefits from a Sample Box filled with luxurious materials and a team of skilled designers and artisans that make anything possible. Designer Kelly Hopen said to Homes & Gardens that a “good designer has this ability to get into someone’s head; helping them to achieve the full potential of the space to ensure it’s functional, inclusive and, of course, stylish”. MOOZA works side by side with professionals to make sure they deliver divine spaces.


A Swatch Box houses an assortment of fabric snippets, marbles, woods and more. This compilation of tactile treasures allows designers to engage in a hands-on exploration of materials, enabling them to assess their visual and textural qualities firsthand. By physically interacting with the samples, designers can ascertain how different materials complement each other, how they respond to light, and how they harmonize with the overall aesthetic vision.

MOOZA’s items attract attention for their composition. Luxurious materials flow through the full collection. Our Swatch Box includes desirable marbles, like travertine and calacatta, or solid wood in oak and walnut, and a selection of fabrics and leathers. A Box of indulging textures and prominent colors. This fosters effective communication and collaboration between designers, clients, and other stakeholders involved in the design process.

And while one is highly tactile, another is very exploratory. The Materials Catalogue serves as a visual encyclopedia, showcasing an extensive range of colors, patterns, and textures. It presents a curated compilation of samples from diverse sources, allowing designers to explore the vast spectrum of possibilities at their fingertips. This compendium of samples acts as a source of inspiration, triggering the imagination and enabling designers to envision the potential interplay of different materials within their design schemes.

Click here to access our Materials & Finishes Catalogue. If you wish to know more about our special conditions for Interior Designers and Professionals, make sure to send us a message.