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Every professional or Interior Design enthusiast has, once or more, heard about Trade Shows (TS). These important events are crucial for trend setting, networking and staying relevant within the industry. They often offer seminars, workshops, and other educational events that can help develop skills and knowledge in topics such as design trends, sustainability, and business management.

Held on a regional, national or international level, TS provide an opportunity for brands to network with other key industry Stakeholders, get a better understanding of their target market and identify opportunities for growth and innovation. For Interior Designers (ID), they are an optimum source of inspiration and information on the latest trends.

Why are Trade Shows important for brands?

Trade Shows provide a platform for brands to showcase their products to potential customers and demonstrate the unique features and benefits of their products and attract new business. By participating in a TS, brands build brand awareness and increase their visibility in the market. Through interactions with potential customers at trade fairs, brands can identify new sales opportunities and build relationships that can lead to future business.

Why are Trade Shows important for Interior Designers?

Trade Shows represent an opportunity for Interior Designers to network with other industry professionals, such as furniture manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. This can help them establish valuable business relationships and gain insights into new products and trends. By testing and feeling products, ID gain a better understanding of their features and quality.

MOOZA’s Top 3 Trade Fairs


ICFF is a yearly event that takes place in New York City and is one of the most prominent contemporary furniture and design Trade Shows in North America. It showcases the latest trends and designs in furniture, lighting, textiles, and other interior design products. ICFF is an important event for Interior Designers and Architects as it provides an opportunity to discover new materials, techniques, and designs that can be incorporated into their projects.


ISALONI is an international furniture fair that takes place in Milan, Italy, and is one of the most significant events in the world of ID. It features exhibitions from some of the most influential and innovative furniture designers, manufacturers, and brands from around the world. Salone del Mobile is important for interior designers and architects as it provides an opportunity to network with industry professionals and discover new products, materials, and trends.


Maison et Objet is a bi-annual trade fair that takes place in Paris, France, and showcases the latest trends and designs in interior decoration, furniture, lighting, and other design products. Maison et Objet is also a platform for designers and manufacturers to showcase their products and gain international exposure.

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