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As a repository of grace and utility, MOOZA’s Table Collection anchors living spaces and brings purposeful charm. They serve as focal points of artistic expression while providing a platform for meaningful interactions and daily activities. At the heart of every finely curated space, a table stands tall, transcending mere functionality to encapsulate artistic prowess. 

Our curated selection eloquently showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and innovation inherent in these exquisite creations. From the grandeur of dining tables to the subtlety of side tables, each piece narrates a story that captures the essence of design brilliance. Journey with us into the captivating world of tables, where craftsmanship converges with design to weave a narrative of beauty and purpose.


Natura Dining Table, undoubtedly the pièce de résistance of any dining room, plays a central role in uniting family and friends. The sumptuous interplay of wood, glass, and metal culminates in artistic dining marvels that elevate experiences to an unparalleled level of refinement.


As we venture further, we encounter coffee tables, these seemingly modest yet indispensable companions of living rooms. With a splendid array of shapes and materials, the Slice Collection furnishes living spaces with an enchanting fusion of style and practicality.


These unobtrusive heroes of interior design offer a convenient surface for essential items, subtly embellishing our homes with their delicate aesthetics. Bestowing a harmonious blend of utility and grace, these tables greet visitors with a warm welcome, setting the tone for the rest of the dwelling. 


5 Spain Interior Designers to Follow

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Spanish Interior Design (ID) is a manifestation of a captivating blend of cultural heritage and contemporary finesse, exquisitely harmonizing diverse artistic epochs. Rooted in a rich historical tapestry spanning centuries of architectural evolution, it infuses distinctive regional identities with opulent motifs and transcendent craftsmanship. MOOZA, as “A catalyst for artistic expression” has been watching closely the most creative Spanish ID and is now narrowing it down to only five.

Via Instagram: @alexmarchstudio
Photo: @sandrarojo

Beyond conventional design practices, Alex March Studio strives to imbue its spaces with profound meaning and significance, a true reflection of mindful awareness and intentionality. Internal values manifest themselves and find external embodiment, generating spaces that pulsate with life and purpose.

What truly sets Alex March Studio apart is its ability to bestow each space with a distinct soul, eliciting a captivating narrative that transcends the surface and reveals the very essence of the place. Every project bears an unmistakable and personal signature, evoking a sense of uniqueness that resonates deeply with the client’s individuality.

Via Instagram: @casajosephine
Photo: @salvalopez
Styling: @amayadetoledo

As minimalism interplay with a rare aptitude for the use of geometric objects, naturalistic materials, art déco inspirations and a fun attitude towards Interior Design, Casa Josephine can be defined as the fusion between design and cultural inheritance. With an impressive portfolio encompassing residential and commercial projects, Casa Josephine Studio exemplifies an unwavering commitment to harmoniously blending contemporary design concepts with timeless traditions.

Their symbiotic collaboration as a cohesive team fosters meticulous attention to detail in every project they undertake, fusing design brilliance with profound cultural heritage. Each project becomes a living testament to their artistic finesse and the seamless interplay between modern aesthetics and enduring legacy.

Via Instagram: @cousi_interiorismo
Place: @restaurantgina

At the heart of Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín’s designs lies an unrivalled fusion of personality and adaptability, consistently pushing the boundaries of creative expression through an ever-evolving repertoire of materials, textures, colors, and geometries. Their expertise in meticulously analyzing each space allows them to devise the most suitable floor plan configuration, forging a harmonious union of beauty and functionality.

The essence of Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín’s interior design ethos lies in crafting spaces that exude a sophisticated amalgamation of contemporary elements and timeless classics, all while cultivating an atmosphere of allure and functionality that captivates the senses and enriches the human experience.

Via Instagram: @isernserra
Photo: @enricbadrinas

Embracing a collaborative approach with diverse creative minds, Isern Serra delves into multifaceted ventures encompassing architecture, interior, and industrial design. Acknowledging the profound impact of varied perspectives, scales, and cultural backgrounds, they ardently believe that such diversity invariably enhances the ultimate outcome of each endeavor.

This designer’s versatility knows no bounds, as he adeptly navigates projects spanning the vast spectrum of exhibition spaces, offices, stores, and restaurants. An embodiment of simplicity and integrity, this visionary approaches each undertaking with an unwavering commitment to infusing projects with their distinct identities, harnessing the transformative power of light to endow spaces with unparalleled character and charm.

Via Instagram: @isabellopezvilaltaasociados
Photo: @salvalopez
Place: @martaslemonpie

ILV+Asociados’ very essence is defined by the profound responsibility of unveiling the very soul of each project, masterfully harmonizing colors and forms into an all-encompassing symphony of design brilliance. A sharp and versatile approach underpins their endeavors, driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence and an unyielding focus on quality, intricate detailing, and long-lasting durability.

ILV+Asociados places paramount importance on fostering collaborative partnerships, ceaselessly striving to craft projects that exceed expectations, igniting astonishment and triumph. Their unrivaled expertise unlocks the transformative power to metamorphose mere houses into cherished homes and commercial properties into thriving, prosperous ventures.

Feature Image

Owned by: Isern Serra

Shot by: Salva López

Home of: Valeria Vasi


Why is New Zealand Wool a Luxurious Choice

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In the realm of artistry, some crafts stand apart due to their intricate nature and remarkable attention to detail. Among these, the creation of handmade rugs utilizing the luxurious New Zealand Wool emerges as an exquisite demonstration of human skill and creativity. This remarkable fusion of delicate craftsmanship and the finest natural fibers unveils a world of opulence, elevating the ambience of any space fortunate enough to host magnificent creations.

The journey of crafting a handmade rug with New Zealand wool begins with the meticulous selection of the raw materials. Cultivated amidst the pristine landscapes of the breathtaking island nation, New Zealand wool is renowned for its exceptional quality, resilience, and lustrous appearance. 

Beyond their mesmerizing beauty, these handmade rugs serve as testaments to the interplay between tradition and innovation. Passed down through generations, the artistry involved in their creation stands as a testament to the timeless allure of craftsmanship. The fusion of ancient techniques with contemporary design sensibilities breathes new life into this centuries-old art form, yielding creations that are at once timeless and modern.

The acquisition of a handmade rug crafted from New Zealand wool represents more than mere ownership of a luxurious home accessory. It signifies an appreciation for the mastery of human hands, an understanding of the intricate art process, and a celebration of the artistry embedded within every fiber. These rugs become an embodiment of the discerning taste and refined aesthetic sensibilities.

Crossing Paths Rug

With its captivating fusion of shapes, textures, and colours, Crossing Paths offers a creative interpretation of life’s journey. Each footstep on the New Zealand wool surface reveals a testament to the rug’s whimsical charm, celebrating the spontaneity and joy that comes from exploring the unknown. Crafted with a hand-tufting technique, its depth cannot be replicated by any other method.

Available in one, two or three-colour combinations.


Essential Items for a Living Room

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The living room is a core space in most homes and its function has shifted, as our lifestyles are ever more social and focused on our comfort and the comfort of our guests. To achieve a final design that is adapted to the ones who live in it, there is a necessary process of choosing a curated selection of pieces. From seating, to storage and lighting, MOOZA is proud to introduce a wide enough collection that allows our customers to find it all in one place.


As our living spaces continue to blur the boundaries between work and play, the modular sofa emerges as a preferred choice for those seeking a balance between comfort and functionality. Stitch in Time is fashioned from natural leather and adorned with golden stainless steel details. A true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. The intricate hand stitching that characterizes this chair is a testament to the skill of its creators, resulting in a finished product that exudes elegance and sophistication. A flawless square pattern is meticulously sewn, under an unmatched attention to detail.


The Slice Side and Coffee Tables were born from the idea of creating a luxurious design that would highlight our high-end materials, and that would serve a very clear function for our clients. Behold the immaculate allure of the SLICE Side Tables Trio. Indulge in the bespoke craftsmanship of wood construction, accentuated by the glistening finesse of stainless steel detailing. With a unique aura of exclusivity and opulence, this is the pinnacle of luxury living.
At its core, the SLICE Coffee Table is a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture, capable of serving a wide variety of purposes. It can be used as a platform for showcasing decorative items, providing a home for a cherished heirloom.


Lighting plays a key role in Interior Design, whether natural, or artificial. Soft illumination points throughout the living room can help create an ethereal atmosphere through creative lighting fixtures. MOOZA’s Cosmopolitan Midnight Table Lamps vary in materials, but never in style. The Opal Glass mirrors the brand’s deep knowledge in materials as it is a great light diffuser without creating harsh or unpleasant illumination. The Cosmopolitan Midnight spherical structure transforms what could be an ordinary table lamp into a fun, personality full, lighting piece.


An area rug not only adds warmth and comfort underfoot but also defines the seating area and ties the room together. With its captivating fusion of shapes, textures, and colors, CROSSING PATHS offers a creative interpretation of life’s journey. Each footstep on the New Zealand wool surface reveals a testament to the rug’s whimsical charm, celebrating the spontaneity and joy that comes from exploring the unknown. Crafted with a hand-tufting technique, its depth cannot be replicated by any other method.


Working with Interior Designers

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Interior Designers (ID) have the skill to incorporate rigorous aesthetics and functionality through an endless repertoire of furniture brands. An ID will help a customer envision a space, considering his requirements and introducing creative solutions. MOOZA has the ability to customize every product in its collection and meet the unique ideas an ID may present to us. 

MOOZA benefits from a Sample Box filled with luxurious materials and a team of skilled designers and artisans that make anything possible. Designer Kelly Hopen said to Homes & Gardens that a “good designer has this ability to get into someone’s head; helping them to achieve the full potential of the space to ensure it’s functional, inclusive and, of course, stylish”. MOOZA works side by side with professionals to make sure they deliver divine spaces.


A Swatch Box houses an assortment of fabric snippets, marbles, woods and more. This compilation of tactile treasures allows designers to engage in a hands-on exploration of materials, enabling them to assess their visual and textural qualities firsthand. By physically interacting with the samples, designers can ascertain how different materials complement each other, how they respond to light, and how they harmonize with the overall aesthetic vision.

MOOZA’s items attract attention for their composition. Luxurious materials flow through the full collection. Our Swatch Box includes desirable marbles, like travertine and calacatta, or solid wood in oak and walnut, and a selection of fabrics and leathers. A Box of indulging textures and prominent colors. This fosters effective communication and collaboration between designers, clients, and other stakeholders involved in the design process.

And while one is highly tactile, another is very exploratory. The Materials Catalogue serves as a visual encyclopedia, showcasing an extensive range of colors, patterns, and textures. It presents a curated compilation of samples from diverse sources, allowing designers to explore the vast spectrum of possibilities at their fingertips. This compendium of samples acts as a source of inspiration, triggering the imagination and enabling designers to envision the potential interplay of different materials within their design schemes.

Click here to access our Materials & Finishes Catalogue. If you wish to know more about our special conditions for Interior Designers and Professionals, make sure to send us a message.